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Our Mission

CCV Lab makes IT small: we provide high-quality, cost-effective software solutions for CCV Group with a special focus on on-time delivery within the budget and acting like a start-up

Our Vision

We know we develop products for a changing world, so we need to build software which is ready to support features of which we have currently no idea of what they will look like

Keep it simple

Keep it small

Difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible

Do not reinvent the wheel

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CCV Community

Why CCV Community

CCV Lab is recreating the shopping experience within a city. We have developed several Community solutions that could improve the image of a city, making it more attractive for people living in- or nearby the city. Customer loyalty and collaboration between stakeholders, customers and the city itself are core values which are truly important to us. We want to create an improved shopping experience; where loyal customers are rewarded appropriately, cities are in close contact with their residents and in which a strong sense of ''community thinking'' is present.

Shop & The City

One of CCV Lab's first community projects turned out to be an exemplary project concerning strong communities. The city of Sint-Truiden in Belgium wanted to improve local economy and be more attractive to people living close to Sint-Truiden. That's why they created Shop & The City.

Sint-Truiden started with the Shop & The City loyalty card, giving the residents of Sint-Truiden the possibility to collect loyalty points at all participating merchants. After a few months, a city gift card was introduced. This city gift card, just as the loyalty card, contributed to an improved city community.

Our Community solutions

Achievements by CCV Lab

About us

Our Teams



All of our payment experts have hands on experience in various international and domestic protocols, card schemes and payment flows.

Payment Team



The mobile developers focus on mobile innovative apps and products, focusing on payment, security and performance on various hardware and software platforms.

Mobile Dev Team



This team focuses on all security aspects within (payment) software development, being IT hardware, mobile, web, server side, ...

Security Team



Our CCV Lab consultants are qualified and experienced software engineers in development, architecture, analysis, training and coaching.

Consulting Team



The technical engineers maintain and secure our own PCI compliant SAAS environment, and ensure a 24/7 uptime of all CCV Lab products hosted on our PCI environments.

PCI SAAS Services Team



This special interest group focuses on the performance and robustness of the solution, resulting in a selection of prototypes and benchmarks.

Performance Team

What people say?

The implementation of the CCV Community concept supported me in bringing life and business back to the city center in a priceless way. The business in our city is growing again.

Pascal Vossius

Why choose us?

We're focused

Following our insights, we continuously improve our solutions to match your evolving needs. We keep focus on our projects and our communication towards our clients, thus maintaining a high quality standard for our solutions.

We work agile

Agile is all about adapting to change; it was built on the foundational principle that business drivers will change and the development teams must be ready to adapt.

We keep it simple

If you're not able to explain how you will solve a complex technical problem to a non-technical person, you should ask yourself the question if there's no solution which is more simple.

We're flexible

Our solutions are not off-the-shelf products. We aim to elaborate creative solutions to your problems and to have an open mind about the outcome of our solutions, fully satisfying to the customer's needs and requirements.

We solve your problem

We bring knowledge to the table so we can build solutions that actually brings added value for our customers.

We have a vision

Maybe the most important feature of all. We have a VISION. We clearly know what we are capable of and we know what our solutions can bring to the table. Our goal is to transfer our vision to our customers, to show the real power of our solutions.


Pepper Robot
Meet our new team member
27 April 2017
Meet FrankyBot, our newest team member. FrankyBot is a smart robot also known as Pepper. He is a sophisticated wonder of technology, capable of reading human
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Rockvillage 2016 - Salespoint Pilot
07 July 2016
CCV, international provider of payment solutions, has launched a successful pilot with a contactless payment card and a new digital checkout solution (referred
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JPurse activity map
JPurse Activity Map
04 November 2015
CCV Lab has created a map which displays all participating merchants of JPurse. Every dot on the map represents a merchant who is making use of any module of
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Rockvillage part 2
Rockvillage 2015
01 July 2015
For the second year in a row, the E-money module of JPurse was used on Rockvillage, a luxurious camping during the festival of Rock Werchter. It was another
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Avantis Pellet Club Card
Avantis Pellet Club Card
20 May 2015
As of today, customers of Avantis will receive a Silver or Gold Pellet Club Card when buying pellets at an Avantis store. A Silver card if they only buy
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Hubo Gift Card
Hubo Gift Card
05 May 2015
As of may 2015, DIY-store Hubo makes use of the gift card module of JPurse. The new system will be installed in all Hubo branches in Belgium and will start as
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Mobile Payments in Trains
Mobile Payments in Trains
01 May 2015
As an international organisation with branches in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, CCV is continuously aiming to offer omni-channel solutions
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