Hubo Gift Card

Hubo Gift Card

As of may 2015, DIY-store Hubo makes use of the gift card module of JPurse. The new system will be installed in all Hubo branches in Belgium and will start as soon as all current, paper gift cards are sold out.

Time-saving and transparent management

It used to be a time-consuming job to manage all gift card sales. They had to manually keep track of the amount of gift cards being sold per store, and at what price. With the digital gift card platform of JPurse, this burden does no longer exist. Through settlement files, Hubo knows at any moment in time how much gift cards each store has sold and at what price. Every gift card is trackable, making it easy to find a gift card’s current location. The whole life cycle - from issuing until being fully claimed - can be reviewed.

The Hubo gift card will be available and usable in all Hubo stores (offline), but also online on the webshop. The amount loaded onto the gift card can be variable, and partial claims are enabled, meaning that a customer is not obliged to spend the entire amount on the gift card at once. Multiple purchases at different times are allowed. Customers can scan their card with the JPurse mobile app via the QR code, and use it digitally at the store. They do not need to have their card physically on them. The app also shows previous transactions and the current amount on the card.

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