JSwitch is a payment gateway that was developed to provide a solution for common problems concerning electronic payments. The problems consist of incompatibility of protocols between 2 countries, different proprietary implementation of existing terminal protocols in Europe and the acquirer and issuer host protocols not being uniform. To resolve these problems, JSwitch was developed. It gives the possibility to route payments over different networks based on transaction details. Some of the currently supported protocols are APACS, GICC, OmniPay ISO8583, CTAP, ...

The switching platform JSwitch lies at the heart of the CCV Lab payment platform. All transactions, both card-present and card-not-present (E-Commerce) are processed by JSwitch. The payment gateway is the interface towards all payment schemes where the CCV Lab payment platform is connected. For a platform like the switching platform, it’s important to focus on availability, security and performance during the design of the software.