Salespoint pilot at Rockvillage 2016

Rockvillage 2016 - Salespoint Pilot

CCV, international provider of payment solutions, has launched a successful pilot with a contactless payment card and a new digital checkout solution (referred to as Salespoint from now on) on Rockvillage, a luxurious camping site during the pop festival Rock Werchter. During the weekend, about 12.000 transactions were processed. Guests were only able to pay with the Rockvillage payment card. Contactless payments were executed via CCV payment terminals that were connected to Salespoint, which ran on iPads at all points of sale. CCV’s Salespoint was not only used to accept transactions, but it also showed realtime sales reports to the merchants operating the points of sale.

Rockvillage used the payment card of CCV for the third year in a row, but the installation of CCV’s Salespoint during this year’s edition was new. The Rockvillage card is the only means of payment for guests on the site. It is possible for them to buy money vouchers on the Rockvillage webshop in advance, so that when they enter the festival site, the amount of the voucher is added to their balance.

It was the first time that Salespoint was used on Rockvillage. The products and prices of all points of sale were added to the Salespoint database. As checkout hardware, iPads that were mounted into a metal stand were used. These iPads communicated with the CCV payment terminals that were presented on the counters to the guests. Visitors could also install the mobile app on their smartphone. The app showed them their current balance, previous transactions and made it possible for them to block their card in case of loss or theft.

Salespoint is also proven to be a very useful tool for the organisation and the point of sales. Thanks to realtime sales reports, merchants were able to adapt to profitable products and changing stocks. It was possible to edit stocks and prices realtime. In case of Wi-Fi connection problems, the solution is designed to work offline. As soon as the connection is restored, all transaction that were made in offline mode are synchronised. Immediately after the entire event, all transactions were processed per merchant and revenues were paid out. Before, this was a complex and time-consuming job due to the use of paper coupons for drinks and food.

The use of cashless payment cards during the festival has given a sale boost of 5 to 10%. Our experience has learned us that visitors credit their account with large amounts, and that contactless payments make them spend their money easier.

The new Salespoint solution is specifically designed for small or medium sized businesses. Next to the pilot in Rockvillage and during multiple other concerts, there are more pilots running at other retail stores and hotel and catering industry businesses in Belgium and The Netherlands. Salespoint will be officially released in Q1 of 2017.