The Virtual POS is a software solution to provide e-commerce transactions for merchants. The software can accept payments from a merchant’s website, as well as allowing the merchant to manage all payments. It has an integrated MPI module which enables working with 3D-secure, an extra security layer for online transactions. The Virtual POS makes use of an internal merchant monitoring tool to analyze each transaction on-the-fly against pre-configured rules to prevent fraud.
The architectural design makes it on the one hand easy for the merchant to create a clean integration with their webshop and on the other hand easy to integrate new payment methods (for both card and non-card payments).

Main features:

  • Multi-currency system
  • Multiple languages provided
  • Basic payment security
  • Advanced fraud detection and monitoring
  • Integration with webshop plugins like Magenta, Opencard, OSCommerce, ...
  • Custom styled template for webshop
  • Merchant backoffice for
  • - Role-based access control
    - Statistics overviews
    - Configuration of settings for the system
    - Manual transactions
  • Easy integration with other protocols
  • Integration with iDEAL, SOFORT, ...
  • Connection with payment gateway is provided
  • Transaction feedback for merchant
  • - through e-mail
    - through a confirmation post
    - through ...
  • Transaction feedback for client through e-mail