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The city of Sint-Truiden (Belgium) was looking for innovative tools to revitalize their city and to make it attractive again. CCV got in touch with the alderman of Economics, Pascal Vossius, to discuss the solutions CCV Lab could provide for their struggling to keep attracting people to the city. He was enthusiastic about the solution and Shop & the City was established.

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During the introduction of Shop & the City, 70 entrepreneurs signed to participate in the loyalty platform from the start. It appeared to be so successful, that after one month, the amount doubled to 150 participating entrepreneurs in the city of Sint-Truiden. Now, more than 300 entrepreneurs from Sint-Truiden and surrounding municipalities participate.

Sint-Truiden has around 40,000 inhabitants, but with all the surrounding municipalities this adds up to 80,000. The city decided to send all the 80,000 inhabitants a Shop & the City card, which enables them to participate in the loyalty program. When people register themselves, they have a chance at winning prices in the monthly lottery. To collect lottery tickets, a loyalty card holder has to visit shops at participating entrepreneurs in Sint-Truiden and the lottery tickets will be digitally added to the online account of the collector. At the end of the month, the winners will be announced.

What do people say?

Implementing the CCV Community concept supported me in bringing life and business back to the city center in a priceless way. The business in our city is growing again.

Pascal Vossius

The 46,000 (and rising) registered residents of Sint-Truiden and surrounding municipalities provide a lot of valuable information for the city and the participating entrepreneurs. With the CCV back-office, the entrepreneur gets to know his customers. He can provide them with personalized offers and attract them to his store again. The solution is also very interesting for the city, because they receive valuable insights in their visitors. For example: the city can use the data to have a look at purchasing pattern of their visitors. A practical example: Sint-Truiden noticed that the average age of the visitors was above the 40 years old. To attract more youth, they decided to add more attractive prizes for this age group. That is why the city added gin-tonics, festival tickets and more different prizes of the lottery, to attract more younger visitors. They succeeded, because the amount of registered youngsters grew.

After a while, Sint-Truiden decided to add a gift card as well. The city used to have paper gift cards, these paper gift cards had to be registered manually and this took a lot of time for civil servants or city managers. By introducing the new gift card, this process is automated and doesn't take a lot of time to keep this process going. The gift cards can be spent at 150 merchants, which led to a 2,5 times growth in revenue.

To stimulate the cooperation between entrepreneurs and the city even more, 10 or more events will be organized. For example: a ladies night during the Champions League final, where a lot of fashion, beauty and cava stands are present on the market square. Out of jealousy, the men demanded a men’s night with a F-16 fighter jet, beer stands and fashion for men.

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